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Upon entering a harbor, the green buoys should be kept on which side of the boat?






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Sailing by the lee is dangerous because:


there is a tremendous pressure on the lee side of the sail.

there is the danger of having an accidental jibe.

there is a tremendous pressure on the rudder making steering difficult.

there is the danger of striking the leeward shore.

the boat could capsize.

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Cleats used for towing should always be:


attached to the boat with long heavy screws.

screwed and cemented to the boat.

attached to deck with water proof glue.

bolted through deck using a backing block.

welded to any metal surface.

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Lighted navigation markers showing the port side of the channel on returning from the sea will have:


a large white light.

even number of red lights.

two yellow lights.

green lights.

one green light and one yellow light.

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If you raise the centerboard while on a close reach, which of the following is most likely to happen:


The steering becomes easier

The stability will increase

Leeway will increase

The speed will increase

None of the above

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