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The more violent weather system is usually associated with:


cold fronts

warm fronts


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Your boat capsizes or swamps, the first rule to remember is to:


swim some distance from the boat to avoid gas and oil slicks.

fasten a line to the boat and ask everyone to help pull it ashore.

always stay with the boat.

send someone over the side to swim for help.

send up a flare.

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If you run aground the first thing you should do is:


move all passengers to the front and try to back off

check the condition of the hull

dump unnecessary items overboard

quickly jump overboard and try to push the boat into deeper water

put your boat in reverse gear and back off

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Carbon monoxide poisoning is most frequently caused by being exposed to:


fumes from an overloaded or leaking holding tank.

oil vapors emitted from a crankcase ventilation pipe.

exhaust from running engines, generators, cabin heaters, or galley stoves.

fumes emanating from stale bait in the bait well.

poorly maintained bilge pumps.

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You are required to proceed at a safe speed and maintain a lookout at all times when underway. A proper lookout is a major factor for


preventing collisions.

determining the accuracy of the compass.

measuring water temperature and determining the calmest waters.

finding lines of demarcation.

not getting lost.

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