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The vessel, according to Navigation Rules that must stay out of another vessel's way and take early and substantial action to do so by altering course and/or speed is called the:


stand-on vessel

in-danger vessel

high priority vessel

give-way vessel

high-end vessel

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Carbon monoxide poisoning is most frequently caused by being exposed to:


fumes from an overloaded or leaking holding tank.

oil vapors emitted from a crankcase ventilation pipe.

exhaust from running engines, generators, cabin heaters, or galley stoves.

fumes emanating from stale bait in the bait well.

poorly maintained bilge pumps.

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Cleats used for towing should always be:


attached to the boat with long heavy screws.

screwed and cemented to the boat.

attached to deck with water proof glue.

bolted through deck using a backing block.

welded to any metal surface.

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Your boat capsizes or swamps, the first rule to remember is to:


swim some distance from the boat to avoid gas and oil slicks.

fasten a line to the boat and ask everyone to help pull it ashore.

always stay with the boat.

send someone over the side to swim for help.

send up a flare.

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If you want the bow of the sailboat to swing to port,


go to the port side of the boat.

put the tiller to port.

let go of the tiller and the bow will swing to port.

put the tiller to starboard.