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What does a red square-shaped flag with a white diagonal stripe indicate?


A water skiing area

A dumping ground

Free swimming divers

A sunken fishing reef

A recently sunken vessel

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The following call type is a felony and will incur a stiff penalty:


Securite call

request for a radio check

a hoax Mayday call

a Pan-Pan call

none of above

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A north wind:


indicates rain within 24 hours.

blows from south to north.

blows from north to south.

indicates fair weather followed by rain within 2 days.

causes the sails to flutter more.

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To avoid running out of fuel, determine the usable capacity of your fuel tank and your boat's rate of fuel consumption, and then:


plan on enough fuel to get to the next fuel doc.

plan on 1/2 of the tank to reach your destination and 1/2 of the tank to get back to base.

plan to use 1/3 of the tank to reach your destination, 1/3 to get home, and have 1/3 left for emergencies.

bring extra fuel in any available containers.

run the engine slower than necessary.

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Usually, bad weather comes from:


low pressure systems.

high pressure systems.


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