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You would reef the main sail when:


it is a calm day.

it is a rainy day.

it is a very windy day.

there is no wind at all.

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You are trolling a fishing lure behind your slow moving boat. According to the rules you have:


no special rights or privileges.

priority of movement over other vessels.

special privileges.

special privileges because you are restricted in maneuverability.

privileges, but no special rights.

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When a boat rides up on its bow wave at high speed it is said to be:



displacing water

achieving maximum transverse stability

cursing on the water

out of control

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If a fire breaks out, immediately notify your crew, have them put on their life preservers, and:


turn the boat so the wind will fan the fire and help put out the flames.

stay with the boat, even if the flames can not be extinguished.

instruct the occupants to move forward to the unaffected portion of the boat.

empty the fire extinguisher in the general area of the flame.

rock the boat so water will come in and extinguish the flames.

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The operator of any boat involved in an accident must notify the Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation if:


property damage exceeds $500.00

a person is injured

a person dies

all of above

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